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Word Counting Tool is a web based software to count the number of words and characters of blog posts, essay and all forms of documents.

Simple word counter is a free tool that is 100% accurate with a user friendly interface.

Benefit Of Word/Character Counting Tool

Word counter makes your job easier and convenient. How do I mean?  Let's say you have a document you would want to know the exact number of words and characters therein, you will agree with me that counting the words and characters manually can take many hours before completion. But an Online word counting tool will simplify the your job by reducing the number of hours spent.

How Our Word/Character Counting Tool Work

One of the major feature of the CIMBLEST free word and character counting tool is its simplicity and user friendly design, which makes your word counting job very fun. You don't have to be an expert in web development before understanding how our tool works.
You only need to supply the document you wish to know its words and characters details, and carefully designed tool will do what it was made to do. Very Simple !


What Makes Our Word/Character Counting Tool The Best Among Its Peers

I earlier made mention of user friendly design, but it doesn't end there. Our word counting tool uses advanced technology in its results delivery. Another feature which distinguish our word counter from other platform is speed. Our tool run 50% faster than other similar tools out there. You do not need to login or create an account before using this free tool. We believe simplicity and easy access.
We offer this tool and all of our tools for free of charge. 
Finally, because we value the privacy of all our users as already stated in our privacy policy, we do not store, record or save any of your activities on our server.

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