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Mobile Friendly Checker

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 Mobile friendly checker is a free software to test the responsiveness of a website on mobile devices. It checks the compatibility of a website on small screen devices like Androids, iPhone and iPad.

This free software will evaluate any given website and report if the website has a mobile-friendly design or not. 

It also provide a mobile screenshot of the tested website and assign the domain a  mobile friendly score.


Features of CIMBLEST Mobile Compactibility Analyzer


  • It evaluate and report if a website has a mobile friendly design or not.


  • It provide the mobile screenshot of the evaluated website.


  • It display a mobile friendly score of the analyzed website with a remark.


  • 100% Free.



How To Use Mobile Compactibility Analyzer


Step : 1 Enter the domain name of the website you wish to run a mobile friendly test.  e.g

Step : 2  Resolve recaptcha by clicking "I'm not a robot "

Step : 3 Click on " Submit " .

The software will Scan through the given domain name and analyze its pages and then display results which will include the mobile screenshot of the website as well as the merited mobile friendly score.



How to Improve the Mobile Compatibility Of Your Website


To improve the mobile friendliness of your website you need to do couple of things.

First, you need to use a mobile responsive theme. How do I mean? The whole functionality of your website lies on the type of theme your are using, so it is very important to pay close to your theme if you want to improve the mobile look of your website.

The next step is to ensure that you have a mobile duplicate of your website. You can easily achieve this  if your are a WordPress user. All you need is to install the AMP plugin in WordPress after the settings, your website will now be mobile friendly.

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