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Keyword position Tracker is a free SEO tool to check the ranking position of your keywords in Google. Insert your domain name and the keywords you wish to check their positions in Google.


Understanding The Meaning Of Keyword Rank and Position


Keyword position is a point or a place which a given keyword occupied in search engine result pages such as Bing, Yandex, Google, name them ! 


The dream of bloggers, content creators and affiliate marketers is to occupy the first position of google. They can attain this fit through proper search engine optimization of their contents.


After doing the necessary SEO on your website, the next thing you would want to do is to check if your efforts have yield any result. That is where CIMBLEST free Keyword Rank Tracker comes in. 


Working Principles of CIMBLEST Keyword Rank Tracker 


Our Keyword rank tracker operate in a unique way. First, you need to enter  your domain name, the keywords you wish to check their position as well as the search engine you targeted like Yahoo or Google. After supplying the above information, our tool will scan through search engine with aim of identifying the rank position of those keywords as it relates the given domain


Also bear in mind that you can check up to 20 keywords position per time with our keyword rank tracker. 



How to Improve Your Keywords Ranking Position


The very first thing you need to do in order to improve your ranking position is to carry out proper keyword research . With proper keyword research, you will discover low competitive keywords with high monthly search volume. You will also need to build backlinks to your website. Finally, be sure to write plenty blog posts on weekly or daily basis.

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