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Keyword  Density Calculator is a free SEO tool to check the number of times a targeted keyword appears in the whole 


This is a very powerful tool for bloggers and content creators to optimize keywords for search engine ranking.


How Keyword Density Can Impact Your Site Ranking In Search Engines


Let's say your targeted keyword is " How to Rank Higher in Google" and you have use this keyword 30 times in a 300 words post. This is ridiculously too much ! Keyword density can impact positively or negatively on your website visibility in search engine. Excessive use of keyword will hurt your site and less use of keyword will surely prevent you from ranking.

So it is important that you get to know the percentage of your keyword as it relates to the number of words in your post. This is where the CIMBLEST free keyword density calculator come to play.


How To CIMBLEST Keyword Density Calculator


To use our keyword density calculator, your need to supply the URL of the post you wish to check for keyword percentage. You can also paste the plain if your post is offline. After supplying the URL or text, kindly click on Submit, and then our keyword density calculator will thoroughly scan through it and display all your keywords and their percentages.

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