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About Advance Privacy Policy Generator

Advance Privacy policy generator is a web based software to generate GDPR, CCPA and Google AdSense compliant privacy policies. It automates the process of writing privacy policies and is built on the latest generation of advanced technology.



Why Add A Privacy Policy To Your Website?

To Obey the Law

The first reason you should include a privacy policy statement to your website to satisfy the requirements of the law if your website does collect personal data from your users. Such laws could be GDPR, CCPA and Australian law.

To Abide by The Rule a Third Party Agency

Sometimes you might collect personal data of users directly from your website, but your third party service providers may surely collect those data from your users. You are required to mention the third party service providers in your privacy policy and state categorically how they collect data from your website.

To Make Your Users Feel Safe

Another reason you need to include a privacy policy statement in your website is to give your users sense of safety. Your privacy policy will make your users to relax their minds knowing fully well that their personal information such as email and address are safe in your website.



Features Of Advance Privacy Policy Generator


  • It meet all legal requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .


  • It meet all legal requirements under the Canadian Cyber Privacy Act  (CCPA).


  • It complies with google AdSense policies .


  • 100% Free .


How To Use Advance Privacy Policy Generator


Step 1 : Supply your website name  and URL

Step 2 : Click on "Continue"

Step 3 : Indicate whether you will display AdSense on your website or not 

Step 4 : Click on " Generate "

Step 5 : Copy the generated privacy policy and paste it your source/text code editor .