Cimblest SEO Tools

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Cimblest SEO Tools

Text Management Tools

This section contains free and useful text management tools to optimize your contents. Use this free tools to track duplicate content , paraphrase articles to avoid plagiarism, correct grammatical errors and count the number of words in your content.

Keywords Management Tools

This section is dedicated to bloggers and SEO content creators. Here are free unique tools to track the ranking positions of your keywords, the density of your keywords, google auto keywords suggestions as well as Alexa ranking position.

Compliance Tools

This is a free tools to make sure your website is in compliance with relevant laws like GDPR, CCPA and cookies policies. You can use privacy policy and terms and condition generator to generate privacy policies for your website. You can also perform mobile friendly test on your site to find out if your site is usable on mobile or not

Proxy Tools

Use proxy tools to know your IP location or to get a free daily proxy list, to check class C IP, to convert your domain to IP, to check your browser and IP blacklist status.

Domain Management Tools

A range of domain related tools to find out domain age, domain hosting, DNS records or expired domains, server status and lots more.

Meta Tags Tools

Create new meta tags or analyze the existing ones to get an in-depth analysis of your meta tags and web pages.

Color Management Tools

This is a free tools to convert colors from one form to the other. You can also pick colors for your designs using the color picker. You can also decode QR codes.

URL Management Tools

This is a set of free tools to manage the URLs of your website. You can rewrite your URLs, you encode your URLs, you can check www and non www redirections of your website and also generate htaccess redirect of your website.

Link Tracking Tools

This section is specifically designed to help you track the links of your website. With this free tools, you can find broken links , you analyze links, you can check the number of links on your site and also calculate the price of links as paid ad.

Speed Management Tools

This section is made up of free tools to optimize the speed of your website. If your website is slow, chances are that users will get bored when visiting your site and they may never come back. That is why you need to analyze the speed of your site and optimize it by using this free tools.